Curaçao – A Caribbean Jewel

Reproducing a pirates tavern, the Hooks Hut The restaurant serves exquisite Asian flavor plates and delicious cocktails, which can also be savored as you lay down in one of the deckchair at the Hooks Hut small beach. For more info on this trip, visit Yacht Charter Specialists .

Klein Curaçao Your trip wont be complete if you dont take a tour to Klein Curaçao. This small island surrounded by coral reefs lies about two-hours away from Curaçao, and symbolizes the paradise for divers, families, windsurfers and the ones who just wish to set back and relax at the beach. The tour starts in the Spanish Water Bay with a hot cup of coffee or tea early in the morning as the boat sets sail. During the trip, you might surprise yourself watching a flock of flamingos flying over you head or a pod of dolphins swimming close by. Although this tour might sound expensive about 90 dollars per person be assured that it is worth every penny. As you set foot in Klein Curaçao, your only worries will be on how to make the most out of your day. The crew will set a hefty table of food for breakfast and at later on theyll barbecue some meat for lunch. Soft drinks, water, juice and a special fruit punch will also be available during your stay in the island. Besides enjoying the sun and the long stretch of white sand, you can borrow some snorkelling equipment to look for some turtles in the crystal clear sea, or take a walk to the abandoned lighthouse.

No language barriers Visitors should not encounter any language barrier in Curaçao. As tourism is one of the main economic sources; students are encouraged to learn several idioms during their school years. Also since Papiamentu, the local language, is a mix of Portuguese, Spanish, English and Dutch; most people dealing with tourism and commerce can easily communicate in one or two of those languages.

Take A Picturesque View Of China’s Dongchuan Red Lands

This destination is a beautiful location, where the land glows red in an other-worldly scene that is a favourite with travel photographers. Many scenic sightseers prefer a mountain view or seascape, but this Chinese tourism hotspot offers something completely different.

Dongchuan Red Land is located in Huashitou Country, Xinxiang Town, Dongchuan District near Kunming in the Yunnan Province. It is about 155 miles or 250 kilometers northeast of Kunming. It has an altitude of 5,900 to 8,500 feet.

Best Time to Visit

The best time for photographers to visit the red lands is from May to June. You may be able to capture strongly red fields after the plowing just right before the plants grow. You also get to take a lot of farming photos. During the summer the potato flowers start to open and the golden wheat makes a good decoration on the red fields. Summer is the best time to get various colors from the blue sky, the blood-red fields, and different crop colors.

Another good time to visit is during the autumn season, which is in September to November. The fields will be just in time to turn over for new crops. During autumn you can expect to see a large expansion of wheat and highland barley. The white cole flowers add to the fields color, giving the fields a more extravagant play of colors.

How to Get There

You have the option to take a direct bus from Kunming to Huagou. From the Kunming North bus station, either one of the 2 daily buses that leave for Fazhe and passes by Huashitou. It departs at 8 AM and 2 PM. It is important that you inform the driver that you are getting off at Huagou. It may take 5 to 6 hours to reach the red fields. It is highly suggested to take the 8 AM bus so that you can capture the sunset as soon as you arrive.

Another option is to get on the bus from Kunming to Dongchuan and then to Huagou. You can get on the regular buses at 6:30 AM to 10 PM to Dongchuan County. It would take 3 and a half hours. You may need to transfer to a bus going to the Dongchuan Red Fields, which departs only at 8:30 AM and 12:50 PM. It leaves daily and takes 1 hour and a half.

If you prefer to rent a car from Kunming to Huagou, it may cost you around 100 to 150 RMB per car which is good for 2 persons. The price might be higher for more than 2 persons, so it would be better to rent a minivan if there are more of you. It would cost you around 200 to 250 RMB for 4 to 6 persons. You can opt to bargain or negotiate a deal with the driver if you know how to speak Chinese.

On the way back there are 2 coaches back to Dongchuan Passenger Station. From there you can either take another bus or rent a car back to Kunming. Theres no need to purchase tickets for the Donchuan Red Fields as it is free to the public.

Travelling To The Sci-bono Discovery Centre In South Africa

It's a great stopover when travelling through this amazing country, which is packed with exciting adventures and places to see. It's similar in stature to the Eden Project attraction in Cornwall in England because of its core foundational beliefs and focus on education and personal enhancement.

In affiliation with the Gauteng Department of Education, the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre is located in Newtown, Johannesburg. It is the largest science center that supports math, science and technology. Its mission is to help build the science, engineering and technology capacity in South Africa.

Sci-Bono is a non-profit organization that is funded by the Gauteng Department of Education and private sectors. They strive to achieve these goals: - To improve teaching and learning of mathematics, science and technology in Gauteng - To provide a career education to students in Gauteng - To promote and improve by raising public awareness of and engagement with science, engineering and technology in Gauteng

Aligned with their vision for success, Sci-Bono is composed of a team of experts and professionals that are highly experienced and respected in the field of mathematics, science and engineering. They take pride in their exhibits that are world class. They aim to stay at par with the worlds continually growing science community. They have nearly 400 permanent exhibits that are interactive, which visitors may touch, press, feel and play with.

Aside from their own exhibits, the Sci-Bono Center also hosts other local and international exhibits. It is not only available in the center itself, but is also taken to visit other schools and community centers in Gauteng and other provinces. As part of their vision they share their knowledge and technology to help raise awareness and interest in math, science and engineering.

The Sci-Bono Discovery Centre is open daily even on public holidays except Christmas and Good Friday. They are open 9 AM to 5 PM on Mondays to Fridays, and 9 AM to 4:30 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Children ages 3 years old and below get in for free. Children 16 years old and below can get in for R32, while Adults have to pay R48. They also offer special discounts for students or pensioners with a valid ID for only R32. Public schools can get in at R15 and private schools at R21. Family tickets are at R140, which includes 2 adults and 2 children below 16 years old.

Rates are subject to change and are only valid for entry to Sci-Bono Discovery Centre and do not include other exhibitions and workshops.

Why Your Company Should Hold Corporate Entertainment Events

One of the hardest things to do as a large business is to show your employees that you are really thankful for all of the effort they put into their work daily. Some corporations may offer bonuses and great vacation packages, but that may not always be financially viable for your company. Some corporations may offer bonuses and great vacation packages, but that may not always be financially viable for your company. If that's the case, you can show your appreciation for their efforts and hone your working relationship by hosting a corporate entertainment event where all of your employees are invited.

2. Boost morale in the workplace through an event.

It can be tough as an employer to ensure that all of your employees feel that they are an integral part of the well oiled machine that is your company. Not only do you show a great deal of appreciation towards your employees by inviting them, but you can dedicate the entire event to their honor. This'll make them feel happier to work with your company and they'll enjoy going to work daily because they know that as an employer you take them seriously and respect all of their efforts.

3. Give past clients the ability to get to know the faces behind your company.

The problem with corporations is that they almost always hide behind a perfect facade, and past clients don't know the real working faces behind the company as it's these people that make it a success. Hosting corporate entertainment events for your business is not only a great way to show employee appreciation, but it's a fantastic way for you to bring in your past clients or current clients and show them what a tightknit community you are.

4. Use an event as a great outlet for marketing your company.

Internet marketing is almost always oversaturated regardless of what industry you represent, so you do need to look at other methods of marketing your business. Thinking outside of the box can help you broaden your marketing horizons, and this may include hosting corporate events. Not only will attendees enjoy the entertainment itself, but they'll remember your company's products or services!

There are plenty of reasons to host corporate entertainment events, but hopefully, the above will help convince you that it's worth the investment for your company. You'll be able to show employee appreciation, boost morale in the workplace, mingle with past clients, and further market your products or services!

How to Become a Great Writer


Fictional and poetic writers are expected to deliver content that moves their readers. This is a major challenge for writers who are diving into the art of writing for the first time. These writers need to have a good start to secure a space in the world of creative writing, besides giving the quality that readers are craving; here is what every first time writer should do.


If you’re interested in writing suspenseful, action driven thrillers, then you’re probably ahead of the game on this one. For those of you looking to write a beautifully rendered literary tale where the protagonist thinks wistfully in a bay window, well, think again. Plot drives story. Give your characters something to do, and you’ll give your reader something to root for. Establish a clear goal early on, and then work to throw in complications along the way.


Think of the great literary characters throughout history: Scarlett O’Hara. Jay Gatsby. These characters are larger than life, and their motivating drives are crystal clear. Write your characters with distinct features and make sure you understand what motivates them. Fear? Love? Justice? Once you give your reader a sense of what matters to your character, you’ll give them a way to relate and keep reading.


There are a number of excellent resources for the beginning fiction writer to help you get and stay motivated, receive feedback and support, and develop your understanding about the fundamentals of fiction:

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With writing, creativity does not come so easy, and this remains to be many writers’ worst nightmare. They are never sure whether what they have is creative and captivating enough for their readers and keep wondering what they can do to deliver better content. To beat this challenge, writers need to be strategic on every stage of the writing process.

Start with tension

Time and time again you’ll hear fiction writers and instructors tell you to start with action. This is flawed advice. Why? What good is the action if it isn’t grounded in context that’s important to the story or draws you to the main character? It’s better to start with tension, like a character falling short on getting something he wants—can’t save the life of a loved one, can’t beat a rival in a race, etc.

End each chapter on a cliff

OK, you don’t have to end each chapter on an actual cliff, but you do need to leave them with unanswered questions. This doesn’t mean you can’t answer questions during the book, it just means you need to create new ones as you go along. Be creative. Fiction is built on the curiosity of readers. If you don’t spark their curiosity (especially at the end of a chapter), what incentive do they have to start the next one?

Give your characters obstacles

The obstacles can be as difficult as you want (and should be pretty darn difficult to help spice up the story). But the key here is that they have to be able to overcome the obstacle no matter what it is—drug addiction, in love with a person who’s on the antagonist’s side, etc. Fictional writing is strongest when characters face tough odds and still come through in the end.

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From pros to amateurs, writers make mistakes which sometimes cost them a lot eventually. Some try too hard and going overboard, others leave their readers hanging and many other numerous mistakes along the way. These are what drags many writers behind and limit them from advancing in creative writing industry.

Leaving Readers Hanging

Never annoy your readers.

Sometimes I read books in which the author withholds key information from readers, presumably in an effort to create suspense. But failing to give readers what they want doesn’t create suspense, it causes dissatisfaction.

Trying Too Hard

There’s nothing less impressive than someone trying to be impressive. There’s nothing less funny than someone trying to be funny. Eloquence doesn’t impress anyone except for the person trying so hard to be eloquent.

So look for places in your story where you were trying to be funny, clever or impressive, and change those sections or remove them.

Some writers shoot for humor by writing things like, “she joked,” “he quipped,” “he mentioned in his usual fun-loving way,” and so on. Don’t fall into this trap. If your dialogue is really funny, you don’t need to point that out to your readers. (And if it’s not as funny as you’d intended, you don’t need to draw attention to the fact.)

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